Aluminium barshoes

  • Heartbar
  • Straightbar
  • Eggbar
  • Egg-heartbar
  • Racebar


Our range of barshoes are machined from 8mm solid plate (5083 aerospace grade). They are hardwearing, but also cold formable, and will not break.


We fit a wear resistant plate behind the toe made from EN50 hardened steel.

The shoes are seated on the solar side, machined at 10 degrees to prevent solar pressure.


The 3 front holes are pitched to allow easier nailing.


The toe has a machined bevel of 30 degrees to provide enhanced breakover.

6 nail holes in each branch allow plenty of choice when fitting.


Our racing straightbar features a concave inner profile for extra grip & minimal weight.


Available in 5 styles


    Heartbar            Straightbar             Eggbar            Egg-heartbar         Racebar



 and 16 sizes, from 3” up to 6 3/4”

mashined by CNC                                    finished by hand

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